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The training tips on these videos are for customers of Love Link Havanese. These training tips work on Havanese because they are smart with a grace, dignity and beauty not found in all dogs. Thelma has spent countless hours honing her skills with Havanese puppies, as you can tell by the videos. As a companion the Havanese is ideal, being easy to train and possessing the most dependable loyalty and utmost devotion to his family. In these videos Thelma will demonstrate the training she put each puppy though before they leave our home to yours. He/she will be mellow, low-key and easy going, egger to please in his/her new loving home. The Havanese is willing to please and learns easily, but without being too vocal. For more training tips, or questions about puppies, CONTACT US!
Feeding Time!
Bucket Babies
Potty Trained Puppies
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